Legal notices

Company information


LBO Art and Antiques is a brand and a division of the company LBO PRODUCTION (“société anonyme” under Belgian law with a capital of € 61,500 and registered with the RC of Brussels)

Company number :  BE.0430.385.634

Webmaster : Developsoft


Phone : + 32.475.23.54.30

Site hosting :  LWS (France)


Right to consult, correct and protect personal information


LBO Art & Antiques undertakes to scrupulously respect the provisions relating to the processing of personal information of a personal nature. By registering on the site, everyone has, on simple written request to our company, a right to access, modify, rectify and delete information concerning him. Our company does not transfer any information to third party companies without prior agreement.

LBO Art & Antiques grants visitors a temporary right of access to the site. It is a simple right of visit with prohibition to modify all or part of the site. To access the prices, the visitor must register and enter their precise contact details. Users informed of the prices expressly undertake not to publicize them.

Our site is protected by copyright. In no case may it be reproduced, copied or used without the prior written agreement of the rights holders.


Accuracy and guarantee on the information contained on the site


LBO Art & Antiques strives to the best of its ability to publish the most accurate and representative photos, descriptions, characteristics and references possible.

However, LBO Art & Antiques also uses information provided by its own customers wishing to use the site to present their personal items for sale.

By visiting and then registering on our site, the visitor agrees that LBO Art & Antiques cannot guarantee the accuracy, precision or even the perfect photographic representation of the piece offered for sale.

In terms of photographic representation of the goods offered for sale, LBO Art & Antiques has chosen the most suitable lighting to enhance the items. LBO Art & Antiques provides visitors with information on these shots and will, on request, send photos under other lighting and / or photos of details. LBO Art & Antiques wishes to be completely transparent prior to any purchase in order to avoid any subsequent dispute.