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Antique bronze SHIVA Nataraja - India

Antique bronze known as SHIVA Nataraja

Very beautiful ethnic and antique object (first half of 20th century)

Origin: India or Nepal

Dimensions; H 31 cm x W 27 cm x D 8 cm

Weight: 2.58 kg

The center represents the dancing Hindu deity.

Shiva has four arms. He holds in his right hand a drum symbolizing the primordial sound of the creation of the universe, in his left hand a flame symbolizing the destruction of the world. His second right hand is in abhaya-mudrā, a gesture of protection. His lower left hand shows his raised leg symbolizing the hope of liberation. He crushes the dwarf Apasmārapuruṣa, which represents ignorance.

Kali is considered to be the force that destroys evil spirits and protects devotees. She is the black consort of Shiva who, covered with ashes, is white; it is his shakti, the active and exteriorized principle of a male divinity.

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