BUDDHA (female) VITARKA - AYUTTHAYA in Sukhotai style - 17th century

BUDDHA (female) VITARKA - AYUTTHAYA in Sukhotai style

Period: 17th century

Origin: Siam (Thailand)

Height: 2m15 on base ( lotus flower), in one piece

Weight: about 70 kg

Exceptional piece of museum quality - superb very high headdress (Ushnisa) surmounted by the flame (Rasmi) symbol of spiritual strength.

Origins: from a temple in Siam (Thailand) – 17th century

Material: teak wood (in one piece)

Original paint, glass or ceramic paste eyes, body initially covered with gold leaf

Position of the “walking Buddha” - right foot on the point, left foot flat.

Position of hands: Vitarka or "gesture of argument" explaining its name of teaching Buddha (thumb and index finger join and form a circle, symbol of teaching).

Excellent condition: no major damage, slight wear at the bottom of the dress

This unique piece comes from a very old Belgian collection. Purchased ten years ago by a Belgian collector, it is sold (with regret by the current owner) following a move abroad.

This piece has a certificate of expertise issued by VeeKA (Flemish Association of Experts in Antiquities) confirming the main characteristics of this exceptional item.

A very similar piece was exhibited a few years ago at the “Musée Guimet” in Paris before being returned to the reserve (same size, same period).

This piece is visible in the suburbs of Brussels by appointment.

The price of this part is not indicated on the site but transmitted on simple request of a duly registered person.