Chinese BI disc - LBO ANTIQUES
  • Chinese BI disc - LBO ANTIQUES
  • Chinese BI disc - LBO ANTIQUES

Decorative chinese « BI » disc

Decorative chinese « BI » disc

Dim :  H 27 cm x W 23 cm x D 8 cm

In China, the "BI" is a disc generally made of jade and pierced with a hole. Its use is cultural, religious or purely decorative. It can be smooth or richly decorated.

We begin to find the manufacture of "BI" in the Liangzhu period (3300-2000). But this tradition continued until the Han dynasty (- 206 to +220).

The function and meaning of “BI” is unknown. We know they were buried with the dead. It is therefore believed that it was a symbolic or religious object that entered into the ceremonial of the passage from life to death.

Today they are decorative objects or jewelry.

The one we are selling is contemporary and purely decorative. It is translucent and is pale-green in color  (jade) when lit from behind. Support is included in the price.

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