polo player  TANG style
  • polo player  TANG style

Terracotta polo player - polychrome - TANG style

Polo player riding her mount and in a position characteristic of this equestrian game during the TANG period (628-907)

Origin: China

Dimensions: L 30 cm  H 35 cm W 13 cm

The Tang Period (618 - 907) is a period in Chinese history that falls between the Sui Dynasty (581-618) and the so-called "Five Dynasties" and "Ten Kingdoms" period.

Founded by the Li family. This family came to power during the decline of the Sui Empire.

During this period, many terracotta and polychrome objects were created and can be found today on the antiques market. The piece we are presenting to you is not from the TANG period but from the Tang "style".


A polo player from the TANG period with authentication certificates is currently sold between 3000-5000 EUR depending on the quality.

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