" Rêve brisé à Marioupol" - Guironneto

"Rêve brisé à Marioupol" - Guironneto

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Dimensions: 30W x 20D x 56cm H

“ Rêve brisé à Marioupol ” is the latest work by artist Guironneto. It is presented exclusively on our site.

Oil painting, watercolor, drawing, charcoal, photography and pottery: Guironneto trained in all these pictorial disciplines from his adolescence. But it was only after a long professional career in both private and public companies that Guironneto returned to Art in general.

Thus, in 2020, the self-taught artist decided to relaunch his production. She creates her studio in Lyon and embarks on the preparation of a next exhibition.

Guironneto's painting is essentially abstract. She works in large and small formats on paper, usually on canvas. She finds her inspiration in her many travels. Since 2010, she has travelled the world and comes back with many ideas, colors and sketches that she keeps in a notebook that never leaves her. The ethnicity, the vast landscapes and the temples in general inspire him deeply.

Guironneto is an artist in which LBO Art & Antiques has decided to invest and presents, exclusively, some of her works.

This is the case for this last work completed on March 16, 2022. The events in Ukraine and in particular the intensive bombardment of Mariupol, strongly inspired her. According to the artist, “Rêve brisé à Marioupol” perfectly illustrates the many dreams shattered by war. These multiple dreams of beauty turned into dust.

The object that we put on sale is the first copy of the work out of three in total.